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Terms & Conditions

Early Termination (for Business Accounts)

Annual customers who cancel their annual accounts before 30 days of use will be billed at the standard rate of $12.00 GB/YR for the time that the account is used. The customer will be billed for any amounts due or credited.

Refund Policy (for Home Accounts):

Please review the refund policy carefully as they are the terms of sale that govern your purchases at AVC Online Backup. Your placement of an order at AVC Online Backup constitutes your agreement that these policies apply to the order, so be certain you understand them before you place your order. 

1.All fees and renewal fees are due on or before the due date of account renewal or purchase.
2.Please provide complete and accurate signup information. Incomplete, incorrect or questionable signup information may result in an account NOT being activated.
3.By purchasing AVC Online Backup services, you are agreeing to allow AVC to place your account on a recurring payment plan. The account will automatically be re-billed according to the terms of the plan you select.
4.You grant AVC permission to charge your credit card for any and all legitimate services you request and any renewals thereof.
5.If AVC is unable to process a payment for your plan by its due date, AVC may be compelled to immediately, and without notice, suspend your account by disabling service features in whole or in part. Any such unfortunate suspension will continue until payment is successfully processed. Furthermore, in the unlikely event your account has been placed in suspended status for non-payment, AVC may permanently disable service features and terminate your account. For clarification, AVC may issue such notice by sending an e-mail message to the registered e-mail address associated with your account.
6.If an account has been suspended for non-payment, it will only be reactivated upon payment of all overdue fees.
7.If you do not wish to continue services with AVC, or do not wish to renew your account, please ensure that you cancel your account prior to your renewal date to avoid further charges.
8.Please note that you have ninety (30) days to dispute any charge or payment processed by AVC. If you have a question concerning a charge you believe is incorrect, please contact us at admin@avcbackup.ca
9.Refund is done ONLY in the case of a genuine problem with AVC Online Backup software. If there is no specific and tangible problem with the software, you may not be entitled for a refund.
10.For a refund request, please submit a support ticket through AVC Trouble reports page. Support will respond to tickets submitted only through troubleshooter, and may not be able to respond to any email written to admin@avcbackup.ca. Any refund request without a valid support ticket will not be eligible for processing.
11.For any refund request through troubleshooter, please let the support team do a remote session to fix the support issue. If the remote session is not agreed, AVC may reject your refund request.
12.If support fixes all outstanding (specific and tangible) problems, then you are not entitled to a refund.
13.If you allow AVC to provide support and in the unlikely event we are unable to fix the problem, then you are entitled to a FULL refund.
14.Please raise any refund request within 30 days of buying the license. Any refund request raised after first 30 days, will not qualify for a refund.
15.Please note that all the refund requests take minimum 7 days to 10 days for processing.
16.Please verify the system requirements to run AVC Online Backup from http://www.AVConlinebackup.com/AVC-backup-software-download.htm before purchase. If you have any doubt, please contact us. After purchase of license, any refund request for non-compliant system will not be addressed.
Ordering a software license signifies your acceptance of this Refund Policy.


Service Level Agreement

AVC Online Backup shall provide its service with at least ninety-nine point nine percent (99.9%) Uptime. “Uptime” for a Calendar month shall is calculated in accordance with the following formula:

Uptime = (Total minutes per calendar month) minus (Total minutes Downtime per calendar month) divided by (Total minutes per calendar month)

“Downtime” is defined as the inability for AVC Online Backup’s systems to deliver the Back-up Service for an amount of time exceeding five (5) minutes and ends when the service is substantially restored or a workaround is identified and implemented. Downtime shall not include any period of unavailability due to either

1. Scheduled maintenance and/or upgrades which requires AVC Online Backup to perform maintenance on any redundant environments contemporaneously or
2. The failure or substantial failure of the Internet and/or any other force majeure event (including without limitation acts of God, terrorism, natural disaster, war, riots, and labor strife) or
3. Any act or omission on the part of the customer whose effect disables the ecommerce website (for example failing to maintain CTCs) and
4. Failure of the customers equipment or web connection.


Customer must notify AVC of a claim under the Service Level Agreement within five (5) days of the incident by completing a support ticket.

For each event, AVC Online Backup will grant a 3 day extension of service at no charge.

Support Services

In order to assist customers, customers experiencing problems must contact AVC support and provide adequate information in order to allow reproducing the issue.


Privacy & SLA

AVC Online Backup's software and servers use AES encryption, and your data is encrypted on your machine before it is transmitted to AVC. Data is encrypted at all times while stored by AVC.

Users selecting AVC UltraSafe™ must retain their account name and password in a secure location such as a safe deposit box. Accounts created using UltraSafe cannot be accessed by AVC and if a user loses his password, the data cannot be accessed.

The AVC EULA follows a simple and direct privacy policy. AVC does not share account information with anyone except as required by law. (AVC cannot access data stored with UltraSafe even under a Court order; the data is encrypted and the correct password must be supplied to access the data.) Billing data is maintained securely by AVC's billing partner.

Additionally, AVC maintains deleted files until specifically removed by the user. AVC also maintains all versions of the file that a user sends to the AVC InfiniScale™ servers.

AVC provides a 99.9% data access service level agreement (SLA).
AVC only uses datacenters that are level Tier III and Tier IV datacenters across the AVC global data grid (Canada).

AVC provides an additional level of assurance that is not otherwise available from other backup services. All data is replicated in at least two datacenters, eliminating datacenters as a single point of failure. Competitors' SLAs are premised on the performance of a single datacenter.

Regulatory Compliance

AVC Online Backup when used with UltraSafe complies with the record backup requirement and privacy requirements of HIPAA. No additional contract is required with AVC.

SARBANES-OXLEY and other auditing standards
AVC Online Backup when used with UltraSafe meets all SEC and similar regulatory standards.

SAS 70 Type II
AVC datacenters are SAS 70 Type II audited.

You consent to receiving periodic email messages from AVC Online Backup. The email messages may include information and advertisements from AVC and AVC’s partners. AVC will not share, sell or market the email addresses or other collected personal information of Registered Users to third parties.